Do You Want To Just Google It?

Yemi Olutoye writes,

Google is a blessing, I must say, a 21st century kind of blessing. I must have heard the phrase “Google it” a million times now if not more, and of course, I have not stopped Googling it.

Still, there are some of my questions Google doesn’t have answers to, questions that I have to take to God, the creator of the creations that created Google. Why was this reader created? Why did Yemi Olutoye write this article? there are some truths that can’t be found on a search engine!

Plus, an inanimate search engine shouldn’t be our first resort in some cases. You must have heard the word ‘Misappropriation’ a couple of times. People have been suspended for misappropriation of funds and all but , no one will suspended you if you misappropriate your questions… the effect will only take place on you. What you see is what you get. There are God questions and there are Google questions. Don’t misappropriate them. There are some questions you will ask the Holy Spirit and the HS will instruct you to Google it. It is God over Google.

A compilation of human opinions, flaws, errors and questions with little or no answers – that’s how to define a search engine. The truth as it were, the one Jesus laid emphasis on remains in Heaven’s search engine… Google will not tell us the right way of living; Google will not tell us God’s plan for our lives, we still can’t do without our creator. The search engine doesn’t have answers; most of it ‘answers’ are rephrased unanswered questions. And even if you find any truth there, it is because someone asked God.

Has Google taken the place of God in my life? The question that popped in my mind when I was in dire need of something God would have provided a better answer to but instead the first ‘solution’ or so I thought that came to mind was Google. Is Google a god? Of course it is…

Whatever, anything, anyone that takes the place of God in your life has become your god even if you claim your father is the Most High. I have heard some worship the search engine with their words in the guise of appreciating it… stuffs like “Google is an epitome of knowledge, it contains everything you ever need to go through this life successfully, it can be relied upon” … then I wonder, do we appreciate the thing or the person? We have not stopped appreciating the creation over the creator also, have we?

If there was nothing like misappropriation of questions, I have invented it. Don’t misappropriate your questions; ask God the God questions and leave Google to its luck. How do I know the God questions? You will know it. Don’t make Google a god too. Appreciate the creator over the creation’s creation. What would I have achieved in the next 5 years? You want to Google it?



Yemi Olutoye is an active reader, social media manager and online content contributor. He enjoys writing, constructive assessment and creative thinking. He blogs at and tweets at – @YemiOlutoye

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