Praying For A Godly Man. Are You A Godly Woman?

My advice to young women who want to marry a godly man is to become a godly woman. Marry a man who has a soft heart toward God. A man who hears and responds to God is a treasure to his friends and his family.

And choose a guy based on his potential in 20 years. I see too many woman that want the hunk or the guy flowing in cash.

How about the quiet guy at church who serves faithfully and works hard? No, you want the bad boy who just walked into church, or maybe you met him at work and hope he comes to church with you.

When Sarah married Abraham, he wasn’t a father of nations.

When Bathsheba married King David, it was after he sent someone to kill her husband.

When Ruth married Boaz, she was a widow in a foreign land.

God called Abraham to be a father of nations and to a land he had never visited. How would you like your husband to come in and say, “Honey, pack your bags! God spoke to me and told me that we were to go, but I don’t know where.”

Or how about when Bathsheba’s first son dies because David killed her husband. How do you handle that tragedy because of your marriage to the king?

Or Ruth, who has to follow her mother-in-law’s instructions to the letter to catch Boaz’s attention?

These remarkable women married remarkable men. Do you really want a godly husband? Then plan to have no control. Plan to let him lead you to God only knows where because he is trying to figure it out himself. Be resilient, flexible, trusting God.

Marrying a man who is after God’s heart is marrying someone who is walking with God. He is changing and growing in his own walk with God.

I think this dynamic of God is a lost treasure for most marriages. Most couples don’t even consider God’s concerns or cares about their relationship. They are focused on what they want to get out of it.

Girls, if you want a godly man who will be a great dad, look at that guy you’re dating and ask yourself if he would go out in the middle of the night to buy a pacifier for your kid. Or does he read his Bible every day and pray? Does the guy have any interest in God or church?

I’m telling you that what you’re dating is what will be laying next to you in 20 years. You cannot change him. Only God can change him, but you have to change too.  For the love of a godly man, what are you willing to do to prepare yourself for him?

I believe there are godly men in church who are always overlooked by girls wanting the flashy types with hardly any character. These guys are not going to be on the cover of GQ magazine, but neither are you going to grace the cover of a magazine. But they will go out in the middle of the night to buy the pacifier to help get your child to sleep. Or get up at 3 a.m. to take care of your child so you can sleep.

For the love of a godly man, become a godly woman. Let God have His way in your life now. Trust Him to bring you the person you want to be with. And trust Him completely while you’re waiting.


Written By Leilani Haywood



2 Replies to “Praying For A Godly Man. Are You A Godly Woman?”

  1. Nice one 4lah. I hope we will learn from the mistake of ohers and know that all that glitters is not gold.

  2. Ladies, I hope u head that! Am a Godly man! I hop that lady, could look for me. Smiling!!!
    I wish all the ladies, A GOOD SEARCH or HUNT! as the case may be

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