Where Did We Get Our Materialistic Gospel From? – Kenny K’ore

So i was trolling Facebook posts as usual (you should be used to that by now) and i found a collection of thought provoking updates by Kenny K’ore. Needless to say i was enthralled and above all, i was deeply grateful to God that there are Christians who see what’s going on around us believers, and are speaking out in their own ways. So with his permission, i have decided to share the posts here. Read on…

“Ideas aren’t people, so we can debate ideas without running down people. But it’s just the nature of humans that if something we believe in is attacked, we take it personal.

It is understandable though since an idea eventually gets personified in its believer. And this is why we must search all spirits to know which is of GOD, and guard our hearts with all diligence as the ideas we uphold would shape our lives.

Just because an idea is old or is endorsed by old people doesn’t make it divine. GOD warned the Kings of Israel not to amass wealth. If Jesus Christ rode on a borrowed donkey, why can’t you fly in a borrowed plane?

None of the disciples of Jesus amassed wealth. Yes, there are stories of people like Job, and Solomon who GOD blessed with wealth, but it never was their pursuit. And we saw what it did to Solomon who had 700 wives of royal birth and 300 concubines. As in fact, they did turn his heart away from the LORD.

Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.

Where do we get our materialistic gospel from? Didn’t the Bible warn us that we can’t serve GOD and money? No matter how much in denial we want to be about it, we would end up serving one against the other.

GOD blessed Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David etc, but money wasn’t the highlight of their blessings or faith; their spiritual growth and fellowship with GOD was always either the pinnacle of their lives, or the lack of it their downfall.

In this life, you’re going to rise or fall based on how close you are to GOD, and not how fat your bank account is. I criticize the system that makes a few men super rich while the majority scavenges.
And anyone who ascribes such system to GOD clearly needs to read their Bibles again.
The Apostles shared all they have equally; no one had more than another, and nobody lacked.

The poor in spirit are the true owners of the Kingdom of GOD. Matthew 5:3

Our FATHER created and owns everything, yet we aren’t going to get everything because although all things are ours, not all things are useful to us.

Imagine if all the Christians on earth owns gold, silver, cattle, and fields according to GOD’s riches in glory, would the world be a better place as a result or worse?…think about it…as long as the devil is still here, paradise on this earth would be elusive.

I believe that, we should pursue HIS Kingdom first, that’s how we can positively affect our world and in so doing enjoy the wholeness that only GOD can give. We would always have the poor amongst us, and some of them would be poor by choice. Let us not provoke criminals by living lasciviously.

Note: Some would be poor because the world is not worthy of them in any way, and their lives would serve as examples to show that as GOD is amongst the high and mighty; the rich,
So can the experience of the wholeness of GOD be enjoyed by the poor.



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  1. My God gives power to get wealth. He blesses and enlarges coasts, He wants us all to prosper. The Nigerian ‘god’ does all of the above for the few at the expense of the many. New breed, new greed. Pathetic ‘god’.

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