#BringBackOurGirls : My Interview With One Of The Parents + PHOTOS


There have been several cries in the media and the public in general about the identity of the abducted Chibok girls. Several conspiracy theories have sprung up, and this morning, i was fortunate to interview one of the direct victims involved. His story is deeply moving and the details are quite chilly.


His name is Mr Yahi Bwata, his niece was abducted and he has been able to give a first hand account of what really happened at Chibok and the government’s rescue efforts.

According to him, The mood in Chibok is sorrowful and helpless. One of his neighbors has 3 daughters, all abducted by the insurgents.

Listen to the Interview Below:

26 Replies to “#BringBackOurGirls : My Interview With One Of The Parents + PHOTOS”

  1. Jah wil see them 2ru! But in 9ja now is Survival of the fittest FG is a disgrace! We need God nw more dan eva! #Hopeful#

  2. Ya Allah!protect dis girlz,make dia trauma a temporary one and bring them home to dia familyz safe.This is overwhelmin

  3. God bless you Fola for your efforts. By Gods grace we all play our roles to rescue this girls and take our country back

  4. Why is there so much attack on the government? Do you expect the military to come announcing every move they are making in public so that the kidnappers can also adjust their plans. Instead let’s pray for and believe in d government that we have because that’s the only one we have. God will guide the armed forces with wisdom to rescue our sisters. Amen

  5. WOW! Great job 4Lah. God bless you for going the extra mile to get the truth out. Hope this puts to rest any speculations/doubts that the girls were not kidnapped.

  6. @ Joses, the attack on the government is justified. Where on earth can event like that happen and only for the government to respond 13 hrs later. Our government need to listen to our frustration….

  7. To who care to listen is not going to get better but we should prepare for the worst,read jeremiah 7;1 thr the end.the first love has being taking away from the land for too long, we always like to deceive ourself by encouraging one another that all is well but deep down inside our heart we know its not so ,before this our season we were in ,in our country where is the salt and the light of the world in our behavioural altitude with our friends ,neigbour ,relative and so on, all we run after is me and my family, who cares about his or her neigbours ,Hebrews 12;14 says it all.

  8. This is so very sad. I live in Ireland and i am married to a Nigerian. It is shocking that the government is not doing anything to ensure the safe return of the girls to the family. All we can do is keep them in our prayers. There is nothing God cannot do.

  9. Just like the Mann said, some thing could have been done about this if they (FG) responded to this incident from the onset! May God, comfort these little once. Amen

  10. Beautiful work you’ve done here. Thank you for putting all doubting Thomas to shame. I hope our government learns somehow. The trauma these girls have been through is unimaginable.

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