So, You Wanna Be A Church Keyboardist? Here Are Some Few Facts…

Hey guys! so as usual i was trolling on Big Dee’s Facebook page this weekend and here’s what i found. a straight from the heart and humorous post about the things most church keyboard players go thorough silently.

it’s so touching because somehow i identify with his feelings. (maybe because I’m guilty of some of the things mentioned.) anyway, if you play keyboard in church, i’m sure you’ll get where he’s coming from. and if you don’t, i’m sure you will learn something! So, enjoy your reading:

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Do You Poo In Public? Check Out This Video From India :)

According to statistics, India has the highest ‘open defecation’ rate in the world. As the British Telegraph reports, “With 620 million people creating 65 million kilograms of open waste each day. Only half of its population use toilets at all.” To answer that challenge, UNICEF has launched a new campaign called “Let’s Take the Poo to the Loo” – or more formally, the “Poo To Loo Initiative.

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#PhotoNews: Inner City Mission Children’s Choir Celeberates Children’s Day

It was a beautiful Children’s day celebration service at Christ Embassy Lekki as the children’s choir of the Inner City Mission, ministered powerfully in music. They were filled with such joy and the rapturous expressions on their young faces could only have come from the joy within their spirit. Check out the photos:

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PODCAST: We Are All Teachers!

We don’t have to have a platform to be a teacher or be certified in a “teacher training school” to be one! As Christians, we are already called to teach. Listen to this podcast for more insight. Don’t forget to download it and share with your loved ones!


Facing A New Day

A lot of people start of their day doing different things they feel would help them have a great morning. Some would take a run outdoors. Some would sit quietly and meditate, Some listen to music. Whatever it may be, people usually do something that they feel would energize and inspire them to live through the day.

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BLW NATION Presents: More Than Music Owerri!


This is a Concert like no other! The best of gospel music talents are all gathered here and you can’t afford to miss it.

Venue is the Ahiajioku Civic Center, off Port-Harcourt road, New Owerri. 

Date: 23rd-24th May, 2014
Time: 6pm  prompt.

It’s More Than Music!



These days, contradicting and varying messages are everywhere: in books, magazines, movies and music. As a result, many couples and single people, fall into the trap of looking everywhere but to the Designer of marriage, to find out what he intended for marriage.

If you’ve tried understanding marriage through the world, there’s a better way.


Social Media Christianity – (2)


Isn’t it funny how, most of us try to compete with each other on social media? We live in a culture of constant comparison. And that’s the problem with social media, where people strive to put their picture of perfection in everyone’s faces.

There are those who try so hard to show how knowledgeable and influential they are and they do this by subtly putting others down

We claim to be the picture of perfection by showing airbrushed pictures, and airbrushed lives.

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DESIRE1709 Fashion Agency Opens New Store!


DESIRE1709 announces her  grand opening of a new store and 1 year anniversary celebration, on the 1ST JUNE 2014, at No 3, Adebola street, off Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere , Lagos.

DESIRE1709 offers a fresh, chic venue for women to shop for trendy apparel and accessories which nourish femininity and sophisticated style. Taking a break from typical boutiques that offer products for a variety of tastes and fashion genres, DESIRE1709 owner, designed  the store, to cater to women’s ‘girly’ side.

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Compliments That Have Nothing To Do With Appearance!

We live in a society that is so obsessed with appearance and physical beauty that little or no importance is placed on inner qualities anymore. these days, it’s common to hear a young man say “You’re so sexy” rather than “You’re such a  beautiful person”.

I believe we should sit back and reflect on what we really value about the people we meet and interact with and what qualities we consider important in the lives of those we love and ourselves. Here are some compliments you will harldy hear these days, and i think they’re really great! use them more!

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