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When companies advertise positions, they ask for only people with experience. Some ask for between 3 – 5 or more years of experience. So, how does a fresh graduate have any years of experience coming straight out from College?

Rather than flipping through vacancies looking for the highest paying job which still won’t take you cos you don’t have the number of years of experience needed.

Why not go for that seemingly low paying job, but which offers you lots of “On The Job Training & Experience”. Over time, you’ll be able to gather lots of knowledge, information & experience in that field which will then make you a suitable choice to another well paying employer.

Don’t make money the focus for now. Get all the experience you can get. Work for free if you have to. You’ll smile and thank yourself for doing so later on.

Do you know there’s more to “Social Media” than updating posts and pictures and commenting on what interests you? Most corporate organizations now have what you call “Social Media Managers” and they handle content creation, copy writing, generating ad leads, brand management, research, public relations, search engine optimization, blogging, content development, oversee marketing campaigns & promotions, etc.

If you have a flair for Social Media, develop yourself further in the above, and someday you just might be paid just to tweet and stay on Facebook all day.

Some people ask, but how come Facebook makes money providing a “Free” service for us? Don’t you get it, there’s nothing Free anywhere. Facebook does have a product and it is not free. YOU are the product which they sell to advertisers.

While you’re chatting and updating pictures and posts, Facebook is Selling YOU to companies and advertisers. Over 1 billion users is serious leverage for them and they’re making great use of this and getting paid seriously for it too. Be wise and think bigger than the level you are now. Don’t be the product, Own IT!!!.

I was going through a website recently and saw some posts advertised. One of the jobs needed a certain qualification and said it was an added benefit. I did more research and after some hours, I found out that to get that certain qualification was for FREE.

All you needed was to study and pass 2 stages of online tests of about 90 questions each and if you pass, you’re immediately qualified and added to the worldwide and international database of those qualified in that field, which any employer anywhere in the world can check up and verify to be true at anytime.

I said to myself, how many people are sitting at home doing nothing, saying they have no money to go to school? Yet, there’s this foreign qualification by Google available for Free! Open your mind, do more research, dig deep, upgrade, improve and invest in yourself.

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