Concerned About Corruption in Nigeria? Join The INTEGRITY NETWORK!

Nigeria’s natural place in the world is to emerge as a developed nation, proving that the Negro is inferior to no other. The great work of Martin Luther King Jnr. And Nelson Mandela  in the last century need to be validated by an economically and technologically successful  nation built substantially by Negro genius and talent. This challenge is naturally Nigeria’s, but this Divine destiny is slipping out of our fingers, blighted by several vices, the chief being corruption.

Corruption defines Nigeria, just as immorality defined Sodom and Gomorrah. God looked  for a critical mass of 10 people to save Sodom and only found 4. The place was destroyed. The transformation of Nigeria requires a critical mass of people sworn to righteousness, committed to shunning bribery and corruption, regardless of what it will cost them. With this critical mass, we trust God will release His grace and favour upon Nigeria to fulfill its destiny  by emerging as a developed nation, proving that the Negro is inferior to no other. Only a transformed people can successfully deliver a Transformation Agenda.

Will you join the Integrity Network? Will you be a part of the critical mass? Will you fight for the Divine destiny of Nigeria?

The Integrity Network is aimed at raising this critical mass. The vision of the Integrity Network is “To raise a critical mass dedicated to restoring the Divine destiny of Nigeria by living above corruption, fighting corruption and conquering corruption”.

The Inaugural Summit will take place on April 12. The details are as follows: .

DATE: Saturday April 12 2014

TIME: 10am

VENUE: National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

Please join us at the Inaugural Summit.

Integrity Network is powered by Friends of God Fellowship.

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