#Question: Why Does God Take So Long To Answer My Prayers?


Hey, He doesn’t take so long to answer anybody’s prayer. The truth is he answers now. Jesus said when you pray,God hears you and He answers you immediately.
There is proof in the Bible that God answers immediately, but people don’t receive the answers all the time immediately, and it’s not God’s fault. It’s their problem.

Sometimes, it’s a problem of faith; sometimes it’s a problem of knowledge or the lack of it. What kind of knowledge? Either the knowledge of how things work in the realm of the spirit or the knowledge of the spiritual.

For example, a man in the Bible by the name of Daniel prayed and he even set himself to fast, and the Bible tells us how that he fasted for three weeks and finally (on that twenty-first day), the Angel of God came to deliver an answer to him and Daniel was like, “where have you been?”
And the Angel said, twenty-one days ago when you began to pray, your voice was heard in Heaven, and I was sent to bring you the answer but I was delayed on the way by demonic forces; you can read all of that in the Bible. [Daniel 10: 3-13]
Here is the point; Daniel didn’t know this; the Angel had to tell him, and Daniel was fasting for twenty-one days but God heard him the very first day.
So God actually hears you when you pray, and from that experience of Daniel, we’ve got another light as to what happens in the realm of the spirit and so when we pray now, we have this greater understanding and we can take authority that Daniel didn’t have which we now have in Christ Jesus.
We have power over the forces of darkness, over those same spirits that stopped the prayer of Daniel from being answered, that stopped the Angel; we now have authority, and we can command those devils to get off the way and that the Angels of God come by free course.
You see, we can do that now. The enemy’s defeated and that hadn’t happened in Daniel’s day. So, we have a better testament that’s established on better promises, but it’s important that we understand these spiritual things.

So, sometimes the delay can be because of these, and the more knowledge you have in the things of God, the faster you’d find your answers coming, and it will look like God is answering faster now. But He is not answering any faster; He has always answered immediately we pray.
So, you say“when would I notice that he has answered?” You notice in your spirit. At your moment of faith when you pray, God hears you. You know in your spirit He has heard you; you should know in your spirit because He said when we ask, we receive.
So, that’s how to know; you know because you asked him, and he said if you ask, He will do it. So you know he’s done it because you’ve asked. And you said, how? By His word [and] through his word; He gave us his word, and God will never lie to anybody. So, you can trust him.


Answered By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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  1. First of all, God is a God of principles, the lord’s a format delivered by Jesus Christ when He asked to teach us/His disciples how to pray. One has to be in right standing first with God. Then faith is essential to our prayers. It is impossible to please God without faith. Believing in the supernatural.

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