Before and After!

This Picture above is a student at Comprehensive High School Aiyetoro, Ogun State in the 60’s. Now i was born in the 80’s, and i can relate to that picture because school looked like that while i was a student. i won’t say much. let the picture speak for itself. Now, check out what school looks like for our kids in 2013



This is a picture of a public primary school in the surbubs of Abuja. I have so many questions, but i guess my most pressing question is: What are we gonna do?

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  1. shift in population is not responsible for this disparity. Leadership in the ’60s was public centered with a human sense of direction compare to now…self-centered without direction…may God deliver us from this backwardness…….Menzo.

    1. I know Compro,great reputation back in the days. It was even considered to be converted to a university back then. I am an advocate for prayers “Pray for Naija,Pray for naija” But WHAT are WE actually doing as a person? God WORKS through US to effect change#MindSet.

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