This Just Gets To Me In A Very Deep Way….

Wait! Why am i even blogging food? Well, i guess i can’t hide it from you. I love good food. and fried irish potatoes just happen to be my favorite. This is just one of the times when my heart is so full of joy and praise to God for his favor and mercy towards me.

When i was growing up, a meal like this was reserved for special occassions and that only happens maybe once or twice a year. I look back now and i’m amazed at how far he has brought me. The simple fact that i can cook any meal i want, when i want and how i want, is by God’s amazing favour and grace.

See, wherever you are in your life right now, just believe that he loves you and wants to take care of you. You are saved by grace through faith in Christ. Let that same grace help you and change your current situation. Love him for who he is, and trust his grace to bear you up when you’re at your lowest.

Remember he is God. he can do anything!

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