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The new year’s eve service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was full of power and words of wisdom. During the service, the man of God took time out to deliver a special message to Africans and i believe it’s what is needed at this time. i took care to write it down almost verbatim,so check out what he said after the cut.

“One of the areas necessary to focus on in Africa more than ever this year, is the future of Africa. We cannot think about the future without thinking about the children and the young people.

We need inspiring leadership in all sectors. In government, in economy and spiritually. If we’re going to build a successful continent, we must focus on education, and review the present ineffective academic curriculum that we have in our schools.

Children should go to school; to really learn in such a way, as to build better societies. No matter how successful you are, until you do something about your environment, your story will be in danger of failure.

You’re not successful until your environment is successful. This year, give your time and your energy to these pursuits. We must make our children and youths ready for the future.”


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  1. Happy New year 4lah!… Powerful words indeed. I just love listening to Pastor Chris teachings.
    4lah, so many books have been writen, countless presentations made, unending conferences and round-table talks, all on the future of Africa. Yet, all aspect of Africa seem to be retrogressive! An average African, especially a Nigerian sees himself to be lord when he can through some few coins around. As a security guard, an average Nigerian sees you as nobody, an illiterate, a nonentity, or somebody who do not have ambition!
    The future of African should be a collective work, not just the elites. We all have individual contribution towards our immediate environment, so as to safeguard our future.
    Personally, I’ve doing some charity works in my hometown that’s just recovering from a 5year bloody crisis. We work with seven primary schools in the area, so as to help those kids who are traumatized.

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