Seeking Justice For Alice!


My heart is extremely broken at the Injustice and Indignity a lady was forced to suffer at the hands of an uncaring employer and a company that obviously doesn’t care about it’s employees.

It’s bad enough to be forced into a below minimum wage job as a result of the country’s dire economic situation, but to be assaulted and treated like an animal is just too much to bear in silence.

The story of Mrs Alice Ossai is a clear example of how the basic rights of everyday Nigerians are trampled on, and the law which is supposed to be on their side is only available to the oppressor with the deep pockets.

Several questions bother me in this story:

1. Why did the management of Toppan Packaging Company shield Alice’s attacker from the police?

2. Why didn’t anyone intervene while she was being assaulted?

3. According to sources, this is not the first time casual staff in that company have been assaulted by this same Man. Why hasn’t the management looked into it?

4. How come no arrest has been made yet?

So many questions… so few answers. Well, one thing i can say is, this matter will not die until this woman, who lost a 7 month old pregnancy as a result of the beating she took at work, receives justice.

If you want details about this incident, please read the full story here: #Justice4Alice

5 Replies to “Seeking Justice For Alice!”

  1. I think this should be a fight by all Nigerians, all the human right activists and all well meaning Nigerians. Even if our Government assaults our sensibilities and we can’t do anything but not for a foreigner to be bullying. Workers in our Country. Injustice to one is injustice to all.

  2. I am really saddened by this sheer show of in-humanity as this is HIGHLY un-acceptable in the 21st century and even in our society of today. To start with; Mrs Alice Ossai is a human being and a pregnant woman for that matter so should not in ANY way be treated this bad. This is a wake up call for NLC & TUC on casualization as well as the minimum wage issue; the Nigerian Police on their societal responsibilities. Also; pleading with volunteer lawyers/concerned citizens to intervene so this case will not be swept under the carpet.

  3. My God! Beating-up a pregnant woman! That Lebanese guy and the company should be sued! He should be behind bars before any investigation. It beats my imagination, that a Lebanese will beat up a pregnant Nigerian in Nigeria!, killing the unborn baby in the process!

  4. This is not the first neither will it be the last.I can remember something similar to this, where factory workers in a plastic industry were locked and in mid night fire came from no where and consumed them, How did the matter go? Till date did any person answered for it or is that very factory not functioning today? The most painful aspect of all these, these atrocities are being committed by foreigners, be it a Nigerian, the person will surely go in for it. We are too inferior to aliens even to the so called Lebanese.
    Things like this will keep happening because
    1. we dont have leaders that cares for the poor masses.
    2. Nigeria judiciary in most cases are always there for the rich.
    God will help the poor in this country.

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