Why Step On The “Little Guy”?



Interesting picture isn’t it?¬† A very clear depiction¬† of the present day society. The big guy steps on the little guy, and the little guy in turn steps over the one smaller than him, and the chain continues.
When i was on campus, we would be asked to queue up to get registration forms at the beginning of the semester. Students would form queues so long and tensions will rise and various arguments about “Space” would form in different corners.

There was always a security guard in charge of the line and a registration officer who handed over the forms. at that point, we needed them, and we were at their mercy. and guess what? they never let us forget it.
They would do everything they could humanly do to assert their importance. deliberately opening the office late, going to “lunch” at will, out-rightly keeping students waiting and all sorts of behavior that made every student feel helpless.
Now, this sort of behavior is found everywhere. People assert their “lordship” and “superiority” whenever they could.
I once lived with a couple who had a separate plate for their maid. Some cannot have a simple pleasant conversation with people who serve them or work for them. why?
What makes us different from the guy we employed? The fact that we were better educated? or we were born and raised by financially comfortable parents? or we “hustled” and caught a lucky break?
I believe it’s by Grace. We are where we are because God wants us to be here for his glory.
We are placed on top to be a blessing to the little guy. to show him that he’s not less human because he doesn’t have as much as we or any other person has.
We should recognize why God has placed us where we are, and use the opportunity to fulfill his purpose in this life.

4 Replies to “Why Step On The “Little Guy”?”

  1. It has to do with ‘soundness’ of mind,the world is sick,people take solace in d level of oppression they can ‘dish’ out.

  2. I think its an expression of the spirit of dominion God placed in us all. I gnorance make a man seek to have dominion over others. Its was supposed to be over the earth.

  3. Its a symptom of pride and self agrandizement of some set of people in temperamental category of the CHOLERIC who are the ones that exhibit the nature and attribute of human domination to fulfil their selfish desire. They find it hard to be instructed on what to do. They feel they must have to be in charge of their situations or people around them and this is egotistical.

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